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Construction Monitor

for Construction of Residential and

Commercial Buildings

Many General Contractors and Design-Build firms are using their own in-house design architects and engineers to prepare construction plans, therefore there are no architects or engineers looking out for the Owner’s best interests. As your personal Owner’s Representative Architectural Engineer, we have the construction knowledge and insight to look out for the Owner’s best interests and ensure that your project goes according to plan and budget.

Who we serve:

  • Building Owners and Business Owners: Ruka & Associates will be your Owner’s Representative, and will work for you to protect your financial and project interests. We ensure that the construction is performed according to the plans and specifications and in a professional manner. We will be the contact person for your general contractor, and assist you in negotiating any change orders. You will have fewer headaches and more time for your business.
  • Title Companies and Lenders: Ruka & Associates will be their Construction Monitor and review monthly General Contractor’s payment requests and inspect project site to verify that payment request represents work completed to date.

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